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Strategic Economic Research, LLC is an economic consulting firm offering analysis on economic impacts, energy economics, regulatory policy and telecommunications. Dr. David G. Loomis, President of Strategic Economic Research, LLC, is a widely recognized expert in energy and telecommunications economics. For Dr. Loomis' University page, click here.

Economic Analysis

Strategic Economic Research, LLC can provide an economic analysis at the county, regional, state or national levels to analyze the number of jobs, income, taxes and economic output that will flow from a particular industry.


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Recently Completed Projects

Technology Ecosystem in Illinois: 2012

While Illinois has experienced some positive growth in tech, particularly among startups, areas important to the state's technology ecosystem have seen continual deterioration over the past decade. When looking at key technology ecosystem indicators, the state ranks well below other states. Illinois needs to achieve numerous improvements in order to remain competitive, and year-over-year growth is itself is not enough - we must increase our rate of growth just to keep pace.

Economic Impact of the Prairie Breeze Wind Energy Project

Invenergy Wind Development LLC is developing the Prairie Breeze Wind Energy Project in Antelope County, Nebraska, near the town of Elgin. The purpose of this report is to aid decision makers in evaluating the economic impact of this project on Antelope County and the State of Nebraska. The basis of this analysis is to study the direct, indirect and induced impacts on job creation, wages and total economic output.